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Our Stakeholder Surveys

Accurate information from stakeholders is essential to developing and implementing strategic and corporate initiatives. For many of our clients, obtaining stakeholder data has proven to be difficult and challenging.
For other, the barrage of data available can become overwhelming, making it hard for them to deduce critical “so whats” for their businesses. MT Surveys are designed to simplify this process and reduce your frustrations in obtaining value-adding and actionable information in a strategic manner.

What We Measure

Below is a brief overview of the stakeholder satisfaction surveys that we offer:

Customer Satisfaction Survey

We understand the need for organisations to continuously improve their products and services for customer retention to ensure business sustainability and growth. Hence, our customised customer satisfaction surveys and analysis have been designed to generate value-adding data your organisation can use to improve overall customer experience.

Our methodology involves tested approaches to the design, administration and analysis of data that provides information about how satisfied or dissatisfied customers are with your products and services. We also provide ranking on various themes/variables to help you understand the reasons for the level of satisfaction recorded. With a detailed understanding of these drivers of customer satisfaction, your organisation can focus its time and resources more effectively towards improving performance and customer experience.

Employee Engagement Survey

In recent years, Business Executives and Human Resources professionals have given substantial attention to the topic of Engagement of staff. Research has shown that engagement of employees is important to any organisation, for multiple reasons:

  • In professional organisations, engaged employees are 43% more productive. E.g., in bank branches with high engagement levels, there was 52% more ‘operating income’.
  • Engaged employees have on average 37% less days of sick leave.
  • Higher levels of staff engagement accounts for at least 15% of higher client engagement.

Our Employee Engagement Survey was developed after years of extensive research, identifying and measuring drivers of engagement which can be targeted for the most significant change to staff engagement levels. It has been used in companies on all continents, giving a benchmark of tens of thousands of workers. This enables us to assess your company’s strengths and weaknesses in a comprehensive manner.

Our Survey Alliance

MT in partnership with Netherland’s offers well-rounded survey solutions that enable organisations to: benchmark with survey results from other institutions (both within and outside Nigeria) and implement proven improvement recommendations.

MT Survey Order

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